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Kayak Escursions

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Route n°1  
Casteldoria baths - Camping "La Foce"  
The river descent lasts 6 hours. It starts from the baths where you can see the vapour’s games that the water provokes on the river’s surface. Passing through the Mediterranean vegetation you can see some Roman’s civility ruins. Don't forget your camera! You can take pictures of: ashen and white herons, kingfishers, small hawks, ducks, seagulls, or if you are lucky the stork. It has its nest about one km before the halfway point bridge .
Available:  Only in some summer months
Cost: Euro 35 pro person      Duration: 4-6 hours
Route n° 2
Baduboi bridge - "Camping La Foce"  
The river descent lastst 3 hours.
An easy descent, suitable for everyone, practicable at any hour of morning and afternoon. The navigation takes place in the lowest stretch of the Coghinas river. Here you can admire Mediterranean vegetation with "Ginepros’s trees". In this point of the river is easy to see: white herons, kingfishers and other animals of the river.
Available:  From March to November.       
Cost: Euro 20 pro person      Duration: 2-3 hours
Route n° 3
Tisiennari - Old Bridge - Artificial dam - return to the starting point
The river descent lasts 5 hours.  
The starting point is on a small beach near Tisiennari. As soon as you start paddling, we can see the "old bridge", a vast expanse of prickly pears, the mountains dropping into the river creating spectacular reflections in the water and a canyon that brings you to the artificial dam.
Last step is return to the starting point having fun to paddling enjoying the sun and the nature. You can admire: marsh harriers, herons, moorhens, ducks and a landscape characterized predominantly by Mediterranean vegetation.
Available:   Only on certain days of the summer months (min. 8 peolple)
Cost: Euro 45 pro person       Duration: 4-5 hours
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